Saturday, January 19, 2013

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION! Dream casting for movies...

Yes, this entry is all about 'dream casting' -- meaning, who would you love to see (or have seen, in the case of movies or TV shows that were already made) in given character roles?

Here's a few of mine, just to get the ball rolling:

Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum books: 
I think the casting for 'One for the Money' was pure crap, to be honest. Katherine Heigl just wasn't in-your-face enough for Stephanie, and neither Morelli nor Ranger felt right to me.
  • Joe Morelli: Joe Manganiello. He's not just hot, he can also do funny like nobody's business. 
  • Grandma: Betty White. See above about 'funny.' You could even get William Shatner to play one of her many geriatric beaux and there's a laugh riot waiting to happen right there.
  • Stephanie's Mom: Lorraine Bracco.

Jonathan Kellerman:
  • Alex Delaware: Noah Wyle. Definitely. 
  • Robin: Bryce Dallas Howard. That 'delicate redhead with a backbone' look is perfect.

Lawrence Block's Hit Man novels:
  • Keller: Michael C. Hall. Yeah, it's typecasting, but he does the 'man at sea, without a tether' sort of thing in a way that's very fitting for Keller. 

So, folks, who would you cast, and in what role?


  1. I have yet to make a longform review of "WE", but one thing I plan to say is if they ever do get around to making a movie out of it, Christian Bale would be an excellent D-503. (Maybe that's just me having "Equilibrium" on the brain, though.)

    My dream casting for a movie version of "More Than Human" had Viggo Mortensen as Lone.

    If they ever do make the "Foundation" trilogy into a series, as they've been mulling over for some time now, we should see Dakota Fanning as Arkady Darell (assuming she hasn't outgrown the role by then).

    Much talk has circulated between friends about a live-action "Black Jack" adaptation. Byung-hun Lee, maybe?

    ... Also, who plays Burke from the Vachss novels?

    1. You know, I have yet to make up my mind about Burke. Maybe a very grunged-up Daniel Craig?

    2. Workable! Go see "Layer Cake", his pre-Bond Britcrime film where he definitely shows off his grimier sides, and see what you think.