Friday, January 18, 2013

Sleep: The Final Frontier.

I have suffered from insomnia for years. By 'suffered,' I actually mean 'wanted to poke red-hot pokers through my own eyes just to get some damned sleep on some nights.'

Ambien helps sometimes, except when it doesn't, and even I can't predict when it will work. It's bad enough that I have trouble getting to sleep in the first place -- once I'm there, I don't stay asleep. It's to the point where sometimes I find myself mildly hallucinating during the day on the worst nights.

I've already cut down my coffee intake ridiculously. I've tried wine before bed, warm milk, hot showers, all the good folk cures... and Ambien.

Oh, Ambien, how I love and loathe you.

When I was overnight in the hospital for a procedure a couple of years back, I took an Ambien to ensure I could sleep before my 5:30 AM surgery. The success of the dose is shown in the fact that the staff found me wandering the halls at 2:30 AM, desperately trying to get tired, limping with my cane (I was still recovering from a broken ankle at that point.)

Why can't a damn sleep drug work consistently?

So yeah, last night was another bad night. I gave up about 20 minutes ago and just got up and decided to rant instead of throwing things at the wall.

Maybe this is what Warren Zevon meant with "I'll Sleep When I'm Dead."


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